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Tekken Tag Tournament
Sony PlayStation 2
Unlock Theater Mode:
Beat Arcade mode with any character to unlock Theater mode and their own special movie.

Unlock Julia, Panda, and other characters:
Beat arcade mode with any character and you will see 1 new character every time you beat it.

East 8-hit combo with Hworoang:
Press X, X, X, X and while in the air press X, X, X, X again.

Fight with Unkown:
In arcade mode, the last fight is against an unknown player, a girl and a ghost wolf. Even though the ghost wolf don't attack, it acts like her partner. If you hit her, her damage don't go down as easy. Also, she heals after each hit VERY, VERY slowly, so attack before 1 minute passes. Note: You can unlock unknown after you get every other character.

See who the next character you will unlock is:
If you don't know who you will unlock next, go to team battle and select 8 characters on each team. Usually, the first team fight is against you new character you will unlock. Or rather, a few fights later.

Alternate coustumes:
Press X, Square, Triangle or Circle and your character will have a different coustume for each button you press.

Press BACK, <, and the control pad twice really fast and your character might do a backflip.


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