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James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing
Gold Award targets and Platinum Objectives:
Complete the levels with the indicated amount of points to earn a Gold Award and complete the following objectives for the levels to earn a Platinum Medal.

LevelPointsPlatinum Objectives
175,000Take 500 damage or less
390,000Finish in 3:30 or less
4150,000Finish in 2:10 or less
5125,000Take no damage
6160,000Destroy the base in 0:45 or less
7150,000Reach bottom of fortress in 1:55 or less
8150,000Finish in 4:00 or less
9175,000Use 10 rounds of ammo or less
10200,000Take 100 damage or less
11200,000Get to extraction point in 0:45 or less
12200,000Reach the van in 0:40 or less
13225,000Use no ammo
15275,000Finish in 3:15 or less
16250,000Reach the compound in 0:55 or less
17300,000Take 100 damage or less
18300,000Use 10 rounds of ammo or less
19300,000Finish in 3:10 or less
20325,000Finish in 0:40 or less
21350,000Finish in 4:50 or less
22350,000Use no ammo
23300,000Reach the mine in 1:20 or less
24375,000Finish in 3:00 or less
25400,000Neutralize bomb in 2:15 or less
26300,000Take 100 damage or less
27425,000Use 10 rounds of ammo or less
28325,000Take 100 damage or less
29450,000Finish in 5:00 or less

Unlock Cheats:
Earn the following amount of Platinum medals in single player missions to unlock the cheats:

1Golden Gun
3Improved Traction
5Improved Battery
7Double Ammo
9Double Damage
11Full Ammo
15Full Battery
17All Weapons
19Unlimited Battery
23Unlimited Ammo
25Slow Motion Driving
27Platinum Gun

Unlock Bonus Items:
Earn the following amount of Gold Awards in single player missions to unlock Bonus Items:

1Production Stills 1
2Production Stills 2
3Production Stills 3
4Production Stills 4
5Production Stills 5
6Serena Outfit
7Production Stills 6
8Helicopter Upgrade
9Production Stills 7
10Tank Upgrade
11Underworld SP mission
12Cayenne Upgrade
13Production Stills 8
14Mya Outfit
15Vanquish Upgrade
16Production Stills 9
17Miss Nagai Outfit
18Production Stills 10
19Production Stills 11
20Katya Outfit
21Triumph Upgrade
22Production Stills 12
23Production Stills 13
24Nanotank Upgrade
25Production Stills 14

Unlock Multiplayer Chatacters and levels:
Earn the following amount of MP points to unlock bonus characters and levels:

MP PointsUnlock
30Cistern [Level]
50Baron Samedi
70Odd Job
90 Egypt Commander
110 Hazmat Guard
130 Mya
160 Test Lab [Level]
180 Egypt Guard
210 South Commander
230 Moscow Guard
260 La Rouge
290 003
320 Katya Jumpsuit
350 Serena
370 Burn Chamber [Level]
400 Diavolo Moscow
430 Serena
450 Miss Nagai

Unlock Bonus SP Missions:
Complete all single player missions to unlock the MI6 Combat Simulator and MI6 Survival Test missions.


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