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Unreal Tournament 2004
Cheat Codes
The following codes are for SINGLE PLAYER ONLY. Press tilde [~] to open the console, then type:

godGod Mode
allammoAll Weapons
loaded999 Ammo
flyFly Mode
walkWalk Mode
behindview 13rd Person View
ghostNo Clipping Mode
addbots #Add # of Bots
allweaponsAll Weapons
switchteamSwitch Team
playersonlyFreeze Time
killbotsKill All Bots
open [mapname]Open Map [mapname]
setgravity #Set Gravity to #
setjumpz #Set Height of Jumps to #
setspeed #Set Gameplay Spped to #
slowmo #Slow Motion
teleportTeleport to Crosshair
stat audioAudio Stats
fov #Set FOV to # (1-360)
setname #Change Name to #
suicideKill Yourself
stat allShow Stats
stat noneHide Stats
stat netNetwork Stats
stat gameGame Stats
stat fpsFPS Stats
togglefullscreenFull Screen Mode
skipmatchSkip Match

Spawn Weapons
Type the following commands in the console to spawn that weapon:

summon xweapons.redeemerpickupRedeemer
summon xweapons.assaultriflepickupAssault Rifle
summon onslaught.onsavrilpickupAvril
summon xweapons.bioriflepickupBio Rifle
summon xweapons.flakcannonpickupFlak Cannon
summon onslaught.onsgrenadepickupGrenade Launcher
summon xweapons.painterpickupIon Painter
summon xweapons.sniperriflepickupLightning Gun
summon xweapons.linkgunpickupLink Gun
summon onslaught.onsminelayerpickupMine Layer
summon xweapons.minigunpickupMinigun
summon xweapons.rocketlauncherpickupRocket Launcher
summon xweapons.shieldgunpickupShield Gun
summon xweapons.shockriflepickupShock Rifle
summon utclassic.classicsniperriflepickupSniper Rifle
summon xweapons.supershockriflepickupInstagib Shock Rifle

Spawn Vehicles/Items
Type the following commands in the console to spawn that vehicle or item:

summon Onslaught.ONSHoverTankGoliath
summon Onslaught.ONSPRVHellbender
summon Onslaught.ONSHoverBikeManta
summon Onslaught.ONSAttackCraftRaptor
summon Onslaught.ONSRVScorpion
summon OnslaughtFull.ONSHoverTank_IonPlasmaPhoenix
summon OnslaughtFull.ONSMobileAssaultStationLeviathan
summon ut2k4assaultfull.asvehicle.spacefighter_humanHuman Fighter
summon ut2k4assaultfull.asvehicle.spacefighter_skaarjSkaarj Fighter

Unlock Hidden Players
To unlock the players without playing through the single player campaign, go into your UT2004 install directory, and open the files "xplayers1.upl" and "xplayers2.upl" with Notepad. Look for the entries:


Edit all three so that they read:


Do that for all three, and the three hidden players, who are Xan, Malcolm and ChanLord, will be unlocked.

Hidden Voice Commands:

(bot name) SuicideBot Commits Suicide
(bot name) DanceBot Dances
(bot name) JumpBot Jumps Up and Down
(bot name) Get outBot Leaves Vehicle
(bot name) TauntBot Taunts Opponents


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