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Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
Unlock Original Prince of Persia:
Beat the game and Prince of Persia 1 becomes available in the Extra Features menu.
(supplied by: MEME)

Unlock Prince of Persia 2:
To find this goodie, you'll need to start from the Above the Baths save, once you have your new sword. Go down the stairwell that leads to a large carvernous area. After you make it through this area, you'll end up in a small room with Farah. There's a lever and gear in the center of the room. Turn it cockwise until it clicks twice. Both doors in the room are now closed, but you have also opened a secret door that you cannot see. Go to the wall directly opposite the entrance. Swing until you find a spot on the wall where your sword doesn't spark. Strike this area a few times to reveal a hidden room. Enter to unlock the game, which is now available from the main menu.
(supplied by: MEME)

Unlock 3-D version of original Prince of Persia:
Start a new game and stay on the balcony. Hold L3 and quickly press A, X, Y, B, Y, A, X, B.


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