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Project Gotham Racing 2
Any color car you want:
In order to do this, you must be playing on Xbox Live. In the room, Pick any color car you want outside of the class of cars you want. Then you exit out of the game and go to single player and go onto ghost challenge, pick any race and then pick the car you want. Don't select it all the way, highlight it and then when it ask for automatic or manual transmission, back out of there and go back to the room. You will now have the color car you want on your favorite car.
(supplied by: GTRac3r)

Geometry Wars Mini Game:
Enter the garage and press Y to enter walk mode. Approach the area to the right of the garage door and you will find an arcade game next to a few tool boxes and some rims. Press A to play. This is the Geometry mini-game. To quit the game, press B, then A. This game was created just for PGR 2.
(supplied by: GTRac3r)


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