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Harry Potter & The Sorcerer's Stone
How to beat Voldemort:
Part 1: When you come to Quirell, you will see that he`s calling forth Mutated Gytrashes. Use lumos until you see that a Gytrash disappear. Then he lowers the blue shield around him, and then he will try to recall the Gytrash. When you hear him talk, cast flipendo on him and he will be knocked over. He takes up the shield, about one minute or a half he will lower it again try summon forth it. Knock him back, kill the Gytrashes and repeat it until you have killed all of the Gytrashes.

Part 2: You will see that he`s using wingardium leviosa on some big stone balls. When he`s throwing them at you, run around until all have crashed and then go to the front of the mirror. Then he will send out a fire line, put your self against it (with your shield of course). When you get hit by it, you will see that the blue swirl around Harry is growing. You then be able to release your swirl by pressing A(don`t release it before it`s very big). And if you hit Quirell, he will lose a bit energy. Repeat about 4-6 times and he will die.

Wizard cards & packs:
To find wizard cards and wizard packs to complete your collection search the desks in the classrooms. There should be at least 1 in each classroom (except the ones you cant search.
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