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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Cheat Codes
Start game as usual, goto to the [Password] section under [Options] and enter the following codes:

MDMSLUnlimited Explosive Shuriken for Michelangelo
SRRDMUnlimited Shuriken for Leonardo
LSDRMPlaymates Database Unlocked
LMSSLNew Costume for Donatello
SMLSRNew Costume for Raphael
MMMSLNew Costume for Michelangelo
MSRLRNew Costume for Leonardo
LDRSMSplinter Unlocked in Story Mode
LMMDRUnknown Effect
LMLSDUnknown Effect
RDSRLUnknown Effect
DRLDSUnknown Effect
MSRMMUnknown Effect
LMLMSUnknown Effect
SDDLSUnknown Effect
LDDRSUnknown Effect
DLDRSUnknown Effect
LRLDDUnknown Effect
SSRSLUnknown Effect
LSSDRUnknown Effect
DSRRSUnknown Effect
SLSRSUnknown Effect


M - Michelangelo
D - Donatello
L - Leonardo
R - Raphael
S - Master Splinter


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