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Lords of EverQuest
Cheat Codes
While playing, press ` to access the console, then type any of the following codes:

AllIsRevealedShow All Campaign Missions
BlingBlingAdd 10K Plat
CoinageAdd 1K Plat
KingMeLord Set to High Level
LayOnHandsHeal All Units
LetThemEatCakeTroops Gain One Level
LevelLordLord Gains One Level
ManaBoostUnit Mana Set to Max
ManaKingUnit Mana Never Depleted
MaxKnightKnights Set to High Level
OmniscienceRemove Fog of War
PowerBurstTroops Set to High Level
SirKnightKnights Gain One Level
StaminaBoostUnit Stamina Set to Max
StaminaKingUnit Stamina Never Depleted
SuperShopperAll Upgrades
Gamma #Set Gamma to #
HelpConsole Help
MenuBarToggle Menu Bar
PauseToggle Pause


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