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Need for Speed: Underground
Cheat Codes
Start game as usual. Prior to entering each of the following cheat codes, go to the [Main Menu], go to the [Statistics] sub-menu, go back again (pressing BACKSPACE), and finally enter your desired cheat:

gimmesomecircuitsUnlock Circuits
gimmesomesprintsUnlock Sprint Circuits
gimmesomedragUnlock Drag Circuits
gimmeppabloUnlock Petey Pablo
gotcharobzombieUnlock Rob Zombie
havyamystikalUnlock Mystikal
needmylostprophetsUnlock Lost Prophets
119focusUnlock Car
893neonUnlock Car
899eclipseUnlock Car
371imprezaUnlock Car
222lancerUnlock Car
922sentraUnlock Car
667tiburonUnlock Car
334mygolfUnlock Car
777rx7Unlock Car
350350zUnlock Car
111skylineUnlock Car
221miataUnlock Car
2000s2000Unlock Car
889civicUnlock Car
228supraUnlock Car
342integraUnlock Car
239celicaUnlock Car
973rsx777Unlock Car
allmylvlonepartsTune Car w/ Level 1 Parts
allmylvl2partsTune Car w/ Level 2 Parts
seemylvl2partsTune Car w/ Level 2 Parts
slidingwithstyleUnlock Drifting Physics
givemenismoCar w/ Unique Vinyls


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