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Railroad Tycoon 3
Cheat Codes
While playing, press period [.] then type any of the following codes:

we have a winnerWin the Game
we have a winner GoldWin the Game (Gold Medal)
we have a winner SilverWin the Game (Silver Medal)
we have a winner BronzeWin the Game (Bronze Medal)
all is lostLose the Game
big dogAdd $10 Million
fat catAdd $1 Million
bailoutAdd $10 Million to Company
subsidyAdd $1 Million to Company
passportAccess All Territories
go go goDouble Speed (All Trains)
oopsAll Trains Crash
trains are in my bloodAll Train Types Available
double shiftProduce Cargo X2
safety firstTrains Never Crash
upgradeUpgrade Trains to HST 125


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