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Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne
Activate Cheats
To get access to the game console, you need to start maxpayne2.exe with the command line parameter "-developer". Once you have the game running in developer mode, you get access to the game console with [~].

Example: C:\maxpayne2\maxpayne2.exe -developer

Cheat Codes
Press [~] to bring up the console, then type:

coderGod Mode, All Weapons, Ammo
godGod Mode
mortalGod Mode Off
getallweaponsAll Weapons
showfpsShow FPS
showextendedfpsShow Extended FPS
getberettaBeretta with 1000 Ammo
getbullettimeFull Bullet Time Meter
getcoltcommandoColt Commando with 1000 Ammo
getdeserteagleDesert Eagle with 1000 Ammo
getdragunovDragunov with 1000 Ammo
getgraphicnovelpart1Fill in Story Line
getgraphicnovelpart2Fill in Story Line
getgraphicnovelpart3Fill in Story Line
gethealthGet 1000 Health
getingramIngram with 1000 Ammo
getkalashnikovKalashnikov with 1000 Ammo
getmolotovMolotov with 1000 Ammo
getmp5MP5 with 1000 Ammo
getpainkillers1000 Painkillers
getpumpshotgunPump Shotgun with 1000 Ammo
getsawedshotgunSawed-Off Shotgun with 1000 Ammo
getsniperSniper Rifle with 1000 Ammo
getstrikerStriker with 1000 Ammo
jump10Jump 10 High
jump20Jump 20 High
jump30Jump 30 High
helpShow More Commands


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