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Backyard Wrestling
Unlock Everything:
At the Main Menu, hold L1 and press A, X, Y, B, A, X, Y, B.

Cheat Codes:
Enter the following codes as a name when you create a wrestler.

denicholas Invincibility
jche Invincibility P1
cbarlow Invincibility P2
ddaniels Unlimited Supermoves P1
jmaxwell Unlimited Supermoves P2
rtaylor Big Heads
okendall Big Hands
tpiperi Big Feet
tho Big Everything
jgintu Halo Mode
pjefferies Ghost Mode
ksimeonov Black & White Mode
ewilliams Wireframe Mode
edma First Person mode
stomanovski Harder AI

To preform a telekinetic move on the gentlemens club climb up the pole next to the dancer and when your opponent climbs up the pole grab him and jump off. Right before you jump off the platform where the pole leads up to do a move and your opponent should be at the top and you at the bottom and your opponent still gets the move done on him. Note: Specials may not work on this and it may take a while to get it down!
(supplied by: ser02)


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