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Street Hoops
Cheat Codes:
Go into the options/game settings menu and then to the "Cheats" menu. Enter the following codes.

$10,000,000R, Y, R, Y, L, L, X, Y
All playersY, Y, R, L, Y, Y, X, Y
Unlock Dennis RodmanY, R, L, R, X, Y, Y, X
Always on fireR, R, X, R, L, Y, R, L
Clown outfitsR, Y, R, R
Elvis outfitsY, L, Y, R, Y, Y, X, Y
Kung Fu outfitsR, R, L, Y
Tommy Tallarico outfitsL, L, L, R, Y, R, R, X
Cowboys outfitsY, Y, X, Y
Globe BallR, Y, R, R, L, X, Y, X
And1 BallX, L, X, X, L, Y, R, L
Red-White-and-Blue BallY, Y, R, X
Power GameR, L, L, Y


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