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Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex
Sony PlayStation 2
There are 12 codes for this game.

EC8B0AE8 1438F9CC

Inf Lives
3CF30E58 1456E788

Inf Health - Levels 1-2
3CCBB3CC 1456E781

Inf Health - Levels 1-6
4CCCB670 14564B81

Unlock All Levels
4CCDEEB4 1456E70C
4CCDEEB8 1456E70C
4CCDEEC0 1456E70C

Unlock Secret Levels
3CCDEEC4 1456E70C

Have All Powers
3CCDF2A2 1456E70C

All Items All Levels
3C97835E 1456E7A5
7CCDF1E0 144BE7A8
3C97835E 1456E7A5
3CCDF3A0 1456E7CF
3CCDF310 1456E7CF
3CCDF22C 1456E7CF
3CCDF264 1456E7CF
3CCDF280 1456E7CF

All Secret Items
3CCDF1C4 1456E7CF
3CCDF3D8 1456E7CF
3CCDF3F4 1456E7CF
3CCDF248 1456E7CF

Invincible: Select Turns Off
DC988022 03094967
4CD02E82 1456E724

Low Time-All Trials
1CCD5FE4 1456E781

Super Jump
0D44E966 1456700C
1CF31898 9E96E7A5
0D44E966 1446700C
1CF31898 9DB398A0


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