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Dungeons & Dragons: Heroes
Press L + A + Y then enter one of the cheats:

OBADHAIUnlimited Mystical Will
MPS LABSNightmare mode
CREDITSPlay credits
UNBUFFTurn off cheats
AUSTIN10 Rod of Destruction
BELL10 Thrown Daggers of Stunning
BILGER10 Tome of the Apprentice
BRATHWAI10 Thrown Hammer
BROPHY10 Fire Flask
DELUCIA10 Rod of Fire
DERISO10 Insect Plague
DINOLT10 Rod of Shadows
EHOFF10 Firey Oil
ELSON10 Thuderstone
ESKO10 Fash Freeze
FRAZIER10 Thrown Viper Axe
GEE10 Large Will Potions
HOPPENST10 Warp Stones
HOWARD10 Thrown Viper Axe
JARMAN10 Rod of Miracles
LU10 Medium Potions of Will
MEFFORD10 Tome of the Teacher
MILLER10 Rod of Missiles
MOREL10 Thrown Daggers
PAQUIN10 Tome of Lessons
PRASAD10 Thrown Halcyon Hammer
RAMERO10 Thrown Axe of Ruin
SMITH10 Pyrokins
SPANBURG10 Tomes of the Master
SPINRAD10 Anitvenom
THOMAS10 Berserk Brew
THOMPSON10 Large Healing Potions
UHL10 Potions of Haste
WEBER10 Fire Bomb
WHITTAKE10 Rod of Reflection
WRIGHT10 Globe Potion

Item duplication:
Save your game when you get plenty of good items and go near a shop. Plug in another controller and load your character from your saved game. Give all the items from the new player to the original player. Make the extra player leave party. Save your game and do it over and over. Sooner or later you will have all the items you need. When done making items, you can sell them and start over again.
(supplied by: benjeb)


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