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Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Chaos Bleeds
Sony PlayStation 2
Complete the following missions with the indicated rating to unlock new items:

Multiplayer Characters:

Female VampireMission 1Slayer
Male VampireMission 1Professional
Zombie SkeletonMission 2Professional
Zombie DemonMission 3Professional
TaraMission 3Slayer
Zombie DevilMission 4Slayer
Bat BeastMission 4Professional
MateraniMission 5Professional
Psycho PatientMission 6Professional
Sid the DummyMission 6Slayer
S&M SlaveMission 7Professional
S&M MistressMission 7Slayer
FaithMission 8Professional
Zombie SoldierMission 9Professional
KakistosMission 9Slayer
AbominatorMission 10Professional
ChainzMission 10Slayer
Zombie GorillaMission 11Professional
Joss WhedonMission 12Professional
ChrisMission 12Slayer

Multiplayer Arenas:

CemeteryMission 2Slayer
InitiativeMission 8Slayer
QuarryMission 11Slayer


Anthony Stewart HeadMission 1-
Amber BensonMission 2-
Nicholas BrendanMission 3-
Robin SachsMission 4-

Voice Over Sessions:

James MarstersMission 6-
Anthony Stewart HeadMission 7-
Amber BensonMission 8-
Nicholas BrendonMission 9-
Robin SachsMission 10-
Joss WhedonMission 11-


Chaos Bleeds Comic BookMission 5-
Out-TakesMission 12-


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