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Final Fantasy VI
Sony PlayStation
Easy Economizers:
Make sure LOCKE is level 35+ and equip him with the Offering, Theifknife, and all your best armor (The Marvel Shoes help aswell). then save and bet the "Strato" at the colosseum, you will have to fight an Aquila, LOCKE will attempt to steal from it about 50% of the time and if you're lucky you'll get an Economizer, if you only get a Pheonixdown just hold (L1,L2,R1,R2,Start,and Select) reload and try again, once you have successfully stole an Economizer and you win the fight you will get a "Pearl Lance" just bet that in the colosseum and you'll win another "Strato", you can repeat this as many times as you like and it is alot easier then running around the Pheonix Cave looking for an Aquila, hoping to win one from the bracosaur, or giving up your handy Gem Box. (Note: this will also work with SHADOW)

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