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Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee
Cheat Menu:
At the main menu, hold L + B + R. Release the button in this order: B, R, L. If done correctly, a white box will appear. Enter the following codes to activate the cheat function:

753079All characters (except Orga)
209697All characters
637522Unlock Godzilla 2K
724284Unlock Rodan
352117Unlock Destoroyah
504330Unlock Mecha King Ghidorah
822777Unlock Gigan
643861Unlock Mecha Godzilla
939376Unlock King Ghidorah
288730Hedorah in every game
584408No Hedorah in every game
863768Unlock all cites
745749Unlock Monster Island level
972094Unlock Mothership level
440499Unlock Boxing ring level
778393P1 Unlimited Energy
881557P2 Unlimited Energy
597558P3 Unlimited Energy
218967P4 Unlimited Energy
728629Military On/Off
803358No energy power-ups
221086No health power-ups
491040No Mothra power-ups
223501No freeze tanks
666500No rage power-ups
152446P1 Damage-proof
724689P2 Damage-proof
367744P3 Damage-proof
317320P4 Damage-proof
569428All players Damage-proof
597378Slow Health regeneration
159120P1 Rage Mode
491089P2 Rage Mode
450514P3 Rage Mode
702905P4 Rage Mode
940478P1 Qaud damage
930041P2 Qaud damage
537651P3 Qaud damage
889610P4 Qaud damage
817683All players Qaud damage
659672P1 Invisible
493946P2 Invisible
600225All monsters Invisible
558277Tiny P1
689490Tiny P2
203783Tiny P3
495355Tiny P4
853955Tiny P1 & P3
600095Tiny P2 & 4
154974Tiny players
248165Throwable buildings & objects
860068Player Indicators On
451129Indestructible buildings
54831912 continues (Adventure Mode)
394804Technicolor Mode
860475Black and White Mode
880460No Life & Energy bars
097401Show Game version in Options
339223Shows Credits
962129All gallery items


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