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Disciples 2: Guardians of the Light
Cheat Codes
Press [Enter] while playing, type any of the following codes, then press [Enter] again:

moneyfornothingSet Mana and Gold to 9999
borntorunParty Movement Points to Full
help!Heal Entire Party
wearethechampionsWin Mission
loserLose Mission
herecomesthesunUnlock Entire Map
paintitblackHide Unseen Map
anotherbrickinthewallAllowed to Build at Capital
givepeaceachancePeace with all Nations
badtotheboneWar with all Nations
cometogetherAlliance with all Nations
jumpMembers XP to Next Level -1
stairwaytoheavenLevel Up for Entire Party
lifeisacarnivalRevive All Dead
allalongthewatchtowerView Enemy Info
invisibletouchUnknown Effect
letsdothetimewarpagainUnknown Effect


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