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Men In Black 2: Alien Escape
Enter the codes at the Press Start screen.

InvincibilityRight, A, R, Y, Up, L, A, Left, L, B, A, R
All weaponsUp, Down, A, X, R, Y, Y, Left, B, L, L, Right
All levelsR, Y, Left, B, X, L, Left, Up, A, Down, L, X
All training missionsX, Up, L, Left, Y, A, R, B, Right, R, X, B
Full boltLeft, Right, Up, Down, L, B, Y, R, Left, Down, X, X.
Full spreadL, R, B, L, Down, Up, L, Right, Left, A
Full homingRight, Up, X, L, Left, Left, L, Left, B, Left
Full beamLeft, B, Y, Right, L, X, Left, R, R, Y.
Full area effectLeft, A, Y, Up, A, Down, X, L, Left, R
Boss modeR, Y, Down, Down, A, L, Left, X, Right, Y, R, L
No pickupsDown, Up, A, X, Down, Up, A, X, L, L, X, B
Unlock agent data Up, Down, B, R, Left, L, Right, A, R, X, Up, R
Unlock alien data X, L, B, L, Down, Y, R, Right, A, Left, R, Y.
Unlock making of..B, L, R, B, Y, Down, X, A, Right, L, A, Up


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