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Superman: Shadow of Apokolips
I WANT IT ALL Cheat Mode
SIGHTSEEING All level attack stages
SUPERMAN Reversed controls
TOMATO SOUP Tomato soup mode
JUICED UP Unlimited Superpower meter
FIRST AID Unlimited health
NAILS Extra hard difficulty
WANDERER Explore mode
SLOW MOTION Slow motion
JOR EL Empty Superpower meter
SORE FINGER Easier Test Of Strength
STOP THE CLOCK No Time limits
SECRET IDENTITY Play as Clark Kent
FEELING DRAINED Play as Parasite
PEA SOUP Low resolution mode
INTERVIEW All biographies
JUST FOR STEVE Fruit pick-up icons
FEATURE Extra options

Enable the Extra options code, then enter one of the following codes:

CREEP Extras in Explore Metropolis
WIBBLE Underwater mode
SGKEL341 Alternate credits
DOWN UNDER Reversed display
RETRO Silent Movie mode


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