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Sims, The
At the main menu, press L + R to unlock the cheat menu. Then enter one of the following codes.

MIDASUnlock all 2-P games, objects & skins
PARTY MUnlock 2-P Party Motel game
SIMSunlock Play The Sims Mode
FREEALLAll items cost 0 simoleans
FISH EYESFirst person view (press B)

Get you Sim in a good mood:
To get your Sim in a good mood for work in the morning set the "Aroma machine" on the second setting which is lavender and jupier before they go to sleep and hopefully your Sim will wake up in a good mood.
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How to get your Sim family rich:
To get your sim rich you put in the FREEALL code and then put your family in a blank property. Then you will put lots of very expensive things on your property. After that when you got to a price you like, save the game and take the game out and put it back in then DON'T PUT IN THE CHEAT. Then get rid of all the stuff you have put on your property and then save and evict the family (only evict). Then your family should have plenty of money.
(supplied by: fryguy)


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