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Red Faction 2
Cheat Codes
Go to Extras -> Cheats and enter the following combinations to get the desired results. After that, click on the star to mark them for use in the game.

xxywywzSuper Health
ywxzyzxwUnlimited Ammo
zxzxzxzxUnlimited Grenades
wwwwwwwwWacky Deaths
yxzwzxywDirector's Cut
zzzzzzzzBouncy Grenades
xxxxxxxxZombie Walk
yyyyyyyyFire Bullets
zyzyxxwwRapid Rails
xxxxyzxxInstagib Ammo
wzxywzxyInstagib Explosions
zzzzwxzzBullet Gibs
wwxxyzyzUnlock Everything *
yzwzyxwxUnlock All Cheats *
zyxwyzxxUnlock All Levels *

* denotes that all other codes must have been entered before these can be used.


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