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Postal 2
Cheat Codes
Press the [SHIFT] and the [@] key or the [~] key (on some systems) to make the console window appear. Then type any of the following codes:

SISSYEnable Cheats
AlamodeGod Mode
PackNHeatAdd Destructive Weapons
PayLoadAdd Ammo
IAmSoLameAll Weapons, Ammo, Invisibility
PiggyTreatsLots of Doughnuts
JewsForJesusLots of Cash
BoyAndHisDogLots of Dog Treats
JonesLots of Health Pipes
SwimWithFishesAll Radar Related Items
FireInYourHoleRocket Cameras
IAmTheOneLots of Catnip
LotsAPussyLots of Cats
BlockMyAssBody Armor
SmackDatAssGimp Suit
IAmTheLawCop Clothes
HealthfulFull Health & 4 Medkits
WhatchutalkinboutBystanders Into Gary Coleman
OsamaBystanders Into Fanatics
RockinCatsCats on Guns
DokkinCatsRemoves Cat Repeating Guns
IFeelFreeNo Clipping Mode
LikeABirdyFly Mode
Slowmo #Set Speed to #


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