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Splinter Cell
Level select:
Enter !LAMAUDITE! as a name.
(supplied by: davd10)

Get across Police Station:
Three diffrent ways to get across. Two without killing any one, one killing both guards.

1. As you start you can do a wall jump and grab on to the second ledge to the top and shimmy your way across with out being seeing automatically when you drop you will hold on to the next ledge. Fall to the ground and press B for stealth landing stay behind the bush they will not see you.

2. You can from the top of the stairs shoot out 2 of the chineese lights and that will cause both guards to go down the stairs to the alley way/basement. Once that happens run across and hide in the bushes.

3. When you first start climb down to the ground floor there pick up a bottle and throw it across toward the wall that the guy in the balcony is in once that happens run toward the stairs and jump slightly and shimmy over the part of the wall that is facing the dark bushy area climb over and wait till the guy in the alley way walks away far enough to continue.

Defence Ministry:
You should start of on the roof of the ministry. Look to your left and you will see a vent pipe. Get closer to it and it will give you an option to shimmy down thus not needing to alert authorities, and no need for guns. Shimmy down through the windown and turn on night vision. Wait until the guard comes in the dark area of the book shelfs, sneak behind him and snap his neck. Wait until the camera is looking to the far left. Run toward it, stay under it and turn off the lights and now your on your way to stealh.

How to get Dougherty Past Guards to Truck:
Carry him down the staircase and hide him underneath it. Then carefully walk into the room. Sneak up onto one of the air ducts. When the guard goes by put on crouch and jump down and hit him. Quickly climb back up and wait for the janitor to come by. KO him too. Leave Dougherty underneath the staircase until later. Next, there are some shelves by the door. Find the SC (Sticky Shocker) and get out your gun. There is a guard who will walk by the staircase once and a while. Shoot him with the SC. Then sneak down into the dark corner. Then sneak up to the corner where the guard came from. There is a guard walking back and forth.

Along the wall are two holes in the wall. Sneak into the first one. Wait till the guard goes by. Then sneak into the other one. Get out your sticky camera. (If you shoot a anybody in the head with a sticky camera they will die.) Shoot the guard and hide the body in the hole in the wall. (He doesn't really fit but it doesn't matter.) Then there should only be one more guy. That is the guard talking with your guys. Sneak up out of the shadows and KO him. Hide his body. Next go get the fat-ass, dougherty, and carry him all the way down to the truck.
(supplied by: Eric)


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