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Devil May Cry 2
Sony PlayStation 2
There are 170 codes for this game.

EC88BE58 14444FC8

Character modifiers
Only one of these character modifier codes can be active at once

Play as Trish
4CC28C58 1456E5A6

Play as Secretary
4CC28C58 1456E8A6

Play as Dante-C1
4CC28C58 1456E7A5

Play as Dante-C2
4CC28C58 1456EBA6

Play as Dante-C3
4CC28C58 1456E9A6
Can only be used on disc 1

Play as Lucia-C1
4CC28C58 1456E6A5
Can only be used on disc 1

Play as Lucia-C2
4CC28C58 1456EAA6
Can only be used on disc 1

Play as Lucia-C3
4CC28C58 1456E4A6
Can only be used on disc 1

In Battle Codes
These codes are only active during battles

3CC17FD3 1456E7A2

Always showtime
3CC17FC1 1456E70C

Max health
4CC17B8C 1456089C

Infinite health
1CC17B88 394F089C

Infinite jump
4CC17CD6 1456E6A6

Max devil trigger
1CC17CB8 394F089C

Inf. devil trigger
4CC17CB2 1456089C

1 hit kill enemies
1C9A80A8 2055E773
1C9A80AC 2835B885
1C9A80B0 3854300C
1C9A80B4 0825E7A7
1C9A80BC D854E7A5
1C9A80C4 0C581496
1C90CEE8 0C53B005

Always 2nd demon form
1C9A80D8 3859E7A7
1C9A80E0 0C5743A6
1C8C3328 0C53B0F9
Only use this code when playing as Dante

Speed Codes

L2+up-Quicker game
0CC295C4 1456B1FC
1C8ADD60 205927A5
Press L2 & Up to speed up the game

0CC295C4 1456B14C
1C8ADD60 20592725
Press L2 & Down to REALLY speed up the game!

0CC295C4 1456B18C
1C8ADD60 2059F0A5
Press L2 & Left to slow the game down

L2+right-Normal speed
0CC295C4 1456B1EC
1C8ADD60 2059F025
Press L2 & Right to return to normal!

Gun/Arsenal Codes

All guns
3CC17E98 1456E79C
4CC28CF2 1456E6A6
3CC28CF8 1456E7A6

All swords
3CC17E99 1456E79C
4CC28CF0 1456E6A6

3CC17E9A 1456E7A1

Submachine guns/darts
3CC17E9B 1456E7A1

Shotgun/cranky bomb
3CC17EA0 1456E7A1

Missile launcher/bow gun
3CC17EA1 1456E7A1

Max Sword Levels

3CC17E9E 1456E7A1

3CC17E9F 1456E7A1

3CC17EA4 1456E7A1

Item Codes

Max red orbs
1CC28CD0 144F25CC

Max blue orbs
3CC28CDC 1456E7A1

Max yellow orbs
3CC28CD9 1456E788

All item files
1CC28C74 61DFB00C
1CC28C78 61DFB00C

All enemy files
1CC28F30 61DFB00C
4CC28F34 1456B00C

Vital stars large
3CC28CDB 1456E788

Vital stars small
3CC28CE0 1456E788

Devil stars large
3CC28CE1 1456E788

Devil stars small
3CC28CDE 1456E788

Holy star
3CC28CDF 1456E788

Smell of fear
3CC28CE5 1456E788

Iron key codes:

Have iron key
3CC28CFD 1456E7A6

No iron key
3CC28CFD 1456E7A5

Gate key codes:

Have gate key
3CC28CFA 1456E7A6

No gate key
3CC28CFA 1456E7A5

Evilheart codes:

Have evilheart
3CC28CFB 1456E7A6

No evilheart
3CC28CFB 1456E7A5

Sacrilege codes

Have sacrilege
3CC28C00 1456E7A6

No sacrilege
3CC28C00 1456E7A5

Arcana spada codes:

Have arcana spada
3CC28C01 1456E7A6

No arcana spada
3CC28C01 1456E7A5

Acrana calice codes:

Have arcana calice
3CC28CFE 1456E7A6

No arcana calice
3CC28CFE 1456E7A5

Arcana medaglia codes:

Have arcana medaglia
3CC28CFF 1456E7A6

No arcana medaglia
3CC28CFF 1456E7A5

Arcana bastone codes:

Have arcana bastone
3CC28C04 1456E7A6

No arcana bastone
3CC28C04 1456E7A5


Aquaheart amulet
3CC28CE2 1456E7A6

Areialheart amulet
3CC28CE3 1456E7A6

Quickheart amulet
3CC28CE8 1456E7A6

Flameheart amulet
3CC28CE9 1456E7A6

Frostheart amulet
3CC28CE6 1456E7A6

Electroheart amulet
3CC28CE7 1456E7A6

Chronoheart amulet
3CC28CEC 1456E7A6

Healingheart amulet
3CC28CED 1456E7A6

Offenceheart amulet
3CC28CEA 1456E7A6

Load a game for:

Character & mode select
4CC28E72 1456E4A8
3CC2BFB6 1456E7AC

All missions

All missions disc 1
4CC2C2B6 1456D59C
4CC2C2BC 1456D5B7

All missions disc 2
4CC2C2B6 1456E29C
4CC2C2BC 1456E29A

Rank after mission

S Rank-time
3CC29DBC 1456E7A5

S Rank-orbs
3CC29DBD 1456E7A5

S Rank-style
3CC29DBA 1456E7A5

S Rank-damage
3CC29DBB 1456E7A5

S Rank-Devil hunter
3CC29DBF 1456E7A5

Overall S Rankings

Mission 14-18 are disc one only

Mission 1

Mission 1-normal
3CC28F86 1456E7A6

Mission 1-hard
3CC28F9C 1456E7A6

Mission 1-must die
3CC28FAA 1456E7A6

Mission 2

Mission 2-normal
3CC28F87 1456E7A6

Mission 2-hard
3CC28F9D 1456E7A6

Mission 2-must die
3CC28FAB 1456E7A6

Mission 3

Mission 3-normal
3CC28F8C 1456E7A6

Mission 3-hard
3CC28F9A 1456E7A6

Mission 3-must die
3CC28FB0 1456E7A6

Mission 4

Mission 4-normal
3CC28F8D 1456E7A6

Mission 4-hard
3CC28F9B 1456E7A6

Mission 4-must die
3CC28FB1 1456E7A6

Mission 5

Mission 5-normal
3CC28F8A 1456E7A6

Mission 5-hard
3CC28FA0 1456E7A6

Mission 5-must die
3CC28FAE 1456E7A6

Mission 6

Mission 6-normal
3CC28F8B 1456E7A6

Mission 6-hard
3CC28FA1 1456E7A6

Mission 6-must die
3CC28FAF 1456E7A6

Mission 7

Mission 7-normal
3CC28F90 1456E7A6

Mission 7-hard
3CC28F9E 1456E7A6

Mission 7-must die
3CC28FB4 1456E7A6

Mission 8

Mission 8-normal
3CC28F91 1456E7A6

Mission 8-hard
3CC28F9F 1456E7A6

Mission 8-must die
3CC28FB5 1456E7A6

Mission 9

Mission 9-normal
3CC28F8E 1456E7A6

Mission 9-hard
3CC28FA4 1456E7A6

Mission 9-must die
3CC28FB2 1456E7A6

Mission 10

Mission 10-normal
3CC28F8F 1456E7A6

Mission 10-hard
3CC28FA5 1456E7A6

Mission 10-must die
3CC28FB3 1456E7A6

Mission 11

Mission 11-normal
3CC28F94 1456E7A6

Mission 11-hard
3CC28FA2 1456E7A6

Mission 11-must die
3CC28FB8 1456E7A6

Mission 12

Mission 12-normal
3CC28F95 1456E7A6

Mission 12-hard
3CC28FA3 1456E7A6

Mission 12-must die
3CC28FB9 1456E7A6

Mission 13

Mission 13-normal
3CC28F92 1456E7A6

Mission 13-hard
3CC28FA8 1456E7A6

Mission 13-must die
3CC28FB6 1456E7A6

Mission 14
Disc one only

Mission 14-normal
3CC28F93 1456E7A6
Disc one only

Mission 14-hard
3CC28FA9 1456E7A6
Disc one only

Mission 14-must die
3CC28FB7 1456E7A6
Disc one only

Mission 15
Disc one only

Mission 15-normal
3CC28F98 1456E7A6
Disc one only

Mission 15-hard
3CC28FA6 1456E7A6
Disc one only

Mission 15-must die
3CC28FBC 1456E7A6
Disc one only

Mission 16
Disc one only

Mission 16-normal
3CC28F99 1456E7A6
Disc one only

Mission 16-hard
3CC28FA7 1456E7A6
Disc one only

Mission 16-must die
3CC28FBD 1456E7A6
Disc one only

Mission 17
Disc one only

Mission 17-normal
3CC28F96 1456E7A6
Disc one only

Mission 17-hard
3CC28FAC 1456E7A6
Disc one only

Mission 17-must die
3CC28FBA 1456E7A6
Disc one only

Mission 18
Disc one only

Mission 18-normal
3CC28F97 1456E7A6
Disc one only

Mission 18-hard
3CC28FAD 1456E7A6
Disc one only

Mission 18-must die
3CC28FBB 1456E7A6
Disc one only

Size modifiers

L3 to shrink/R3 to grow
1C9A8028 2053E774
1C9A802C 8473D529
1C9A8030 385AE710
1C9A8034 047AE7A2
1C9A8038 385537A5
1C9A803C 385AE70A
1C9A8040 385567A5
1C9A8044 087AE79D
1C9A804C 2053E774
1C9A8050 907AAFC5
1C9A8058 14D507C6
1C9A805C B07AAFC5
1C9A8060 B07AAFC1
1C9A8064 B07AAFBD
1C9A8068 0C4E079F
1C9A806C 3853E7A6
1CB7034C 0C53B0E5


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