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Rainbow Six: Raven Shield
Cheat Codes
Activate the CONSOLE while playing then type any of the following commands to activate the corresponding cheat:

godGod Mode
godteamGod Mode for Team
godhostageGod Mode for Hostages
godallAll God Modes Active
behindView 13rd Person View
fullAmmoFull Ammo
toggleUnlimitedPracticeGame Never Ends
toggleCollisionNo Clipping Mode
toggleThreatInfoShow Threat Info
neutralizeTerroEliminate Terrorists
disarmbombsDisarm Bombs
deactivateIODeviceDeactivate IO Devices
rescueHostageRescue Hostages
disableMoralityDisable Morality Rules
callTerroBring Terrorists to You
playerInvisibleTerrorists Don't Detect You
tSurrenderAll Terrorists Surrender
tSprayFireTerrorists Shoot Wildly
tAimedFireTerrorists Aim & Fire at You
tRunAwayTerrorists Run Away
tNoThreatTerrorists at No Threat State
rendSpotSee Where Terrorists Spawned
resetThreatReset Hostage's Threat
showFOVShow Field of Views
routeShow Terrorists/Hostages Routes
killThemAllKill All Non Players
killTerroKill All Terrorists
killhostageKill All Hostages
killRainbowKill All Rainbow Operatives
demoRecRecord Demo
stopDemoStop Recording
demoPlay #Play Demo #


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