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Star Wars: The New Droid Army
Game Boy Advance
Level Passwords:
H3DBenthos’s Nightclub
63lCore bay
6K7Core bay
WKPCortosis Processing Plant
?KHDroid Factory Core
?3PDroid Factory Core
XK1Droid Factory Outskirts
D31Droids at Speeder
W3HDuel Duel
WYQDuel Duel
Y3HDuel With Dooku – End Scene
8K7Duel With Vandalor
KK4Dune Sea
G3LGreat Sarlacc, Cutscene
73DHigh City
7QKHigh City
7YPHigh City (Interior)
7?Wgh City (Interior)
J38Jabba’s Dungeon
J7JJabba’s Dungeon
J?TJabba’s Dungeon
JY1Jabba’s Dungeon
SKCJabba’s Palace, Cutscene
438Jedi Archives
4KXJedi Archives
532Jedi Temple
5K4Jedi Temple, Cutscene
TKPJundland Wastes
T3HJundland Wastes
TYQJundland Wastes
MYWMoisture Farms
M34Moisture Farms
AY4Mos Espa
QK1Mos Espa
2Y7Production Facility Area One
23XProduction Facility Area One
334Production Facility Area Two
3K2Production Facility Area Two
831Race The bombs
!KTUnderlevels, Cutscene
FKWWomp Rat Cave
BKTXelric Draw
CYDXelric Draw
C3PXelric Draw
CKHXelric Draw, Cutscene

FRC All Force Powers
8!TExtra Health
BTW Alternate Controls
CQL Activate overhead map
GFX Lower Resolution
!B4No Shadows
LNG Multiple Languages
SK8Black Shadows
SKY Play as Luke
2D4Level Skip


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