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Harvest Moon 2
Game Boy Color
Get a cow:
I have an easy way to get a cow. They are your money makers. Plant grass all over your cow field and the shopkeeper will allow you to buy both a chicken and a cow. Plant crops only near the shipping bin. Or if you have a horse, plant anywhere. On your free time go fishing. If it's a rainy day the odds are you're going to get sick. Do your chores and go to the hot springs for an hour, then go to the resturant and eat a lot. After you have done all that, go to the hospital to make sure you are okay. Even if you aren't, you will stay at the doctor's and not miss a day by being sick.
(supplied by: tucan17)

Get back to your farm:
To get back from the mountains to your farm, the easy way. Go to the hot springs but don't go in. Go behind it and you will see a couple of bushes. Run into them all until you find one you can run through. This will take you to the top of your farm.
(supplied by: citroblaster)


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