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Sim City 4
Cheat Codes
During gameplay press [CTRL]+[X] to bring up the console box, then enter the following codes followed by [ENTER]:

weaknesspaysAdd $1000 Simoleons
fightthepowerRemove Power Requirements
howdryiamRemove Water Requirements
you don't deserve itUnlock All Rewards
whattimeizit #Set Time to #
whererufrom #Change Name of City to #
hellomynameis #Change Your Name to #
sizeof #Magnify to #
tastyzotsToggle Cell Warnings
recorderStart Recorder
stopwatchToggle Clock
dollyllamaTurn Advisors to LLamas
golUnknown Effect
effectUnknown Effect
zoneriaUnknown Effect
barstuckUnknown Effect
watchmemoveUnknown Effect
fpsUnknown Effect
rpUnknown Effect
floraUnknown Effect
renderpropUnknown Effect
terrainqueryUnknown Effect

Pre-City God Mode
After you start your city, if you hold down [Control], [Alt], and [Shift], when you click on "God Mode" you go to the pre-city god mode. The options are free and more extensive.


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