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Test Drive
Unlock All Cars & Tracks
Enter "KDYNBFCH" as name when creating a new profile and all cars and tracks will be unlocked in Career Mode.

Unlock Dodge Viper GTS G4
Enter "KQXYKGVY" as name when setting a new track record and the Dodge Viper GTS G4 car will be unlocked.

Unlock SOUNDMAX Cars
Enter "SOUNDMAX" as name when setting a new track record and the Aston Martin db7 SOUNDMAX, Jaguar XK-R SOUNDMAX and the Jaguar XKR Analog Devices cars will be unlocked.

Instant Top Speed
Choose the Ferrari, and during the game hit [Z] and [R] to instantly go top speed.

Dodge Viper GTS
Win the track 27 race in story mode.

Dodge Viper GTS-R Concept
Defeat Clark in all races. Alternately, win the track 45 race in story mode.

Ford GT
Defeat Vasily in all races.

Ford Mustang
Win the track 7 race in story mode.

Jaguar XJ220
Win the track 33 race in story mode.

Reese's Chevrolet Camaro
Win the track 9 race in story mode.

Shelby Cobra 427 SC
Win the track 5 race in story mode.

Skeeter's Chevrolet Chevelle
Win the track 26 race in story mode.


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