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Timesplitters 2
Unlock Cardboard Characters & Streets Level:
Beat the game on easy to unlock Cardboard Characters & Streets Level in arcade mode.

Unlock Rotating heads:
Get Silver on the Pane in the Neck challenge.

Unlock Hector Babasco and Lean Molly:
Get Gold on Adios Amigos.

Unlock Sewer Zombie:
Get Gold on Behead the Dead.

Unlock funny hats:
Get a silver or gold medal on the following levels to unlock slilly hats.

2280 Escape from NeotokyoBig Ears
1853 Silent But DeadlyViking
2019 Trouble At The DocksPirate

Unlock story mode characters:
Complete the level on medium difficulty to unlock the bonus character.

Return to Planet XOzor Mox
Wild WestThe Colonel
Aztec RuinsStone Golem
Atom SmasherKhallos
Space Station Reaper Splitter
Siberia Hybrid Mutant
Chicago Big Tony
Notre Dame Jacque de la Morte
Robot FactoryMachinist


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