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Star Wars: The Clone Wars
GASMASKCampaign Level Select
1WITHFORCEUnlimited Health
CHOSEN1Unlimited Ammo
FRAGFIESTA Unlock Multiplayer Levels
THRISNOTRYUnlocks next level
FAKEFETTUse Clone Trooper
CORDEUnlock Padme
ROGERROGER Use Battle Droid in Geonosis Academy
WAT TAMBOR Use Super Battle Droid in Academy
FUZZBALLUse Wookie in Jedi Academy
YUB YUB Unlock Bonus Objectives
SAYCHEESE Development Team Photos

Hear the Ewok song:
At the options screen, press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start

Unlock list:
Get the indicated amount of bonus points to unlock more items.

5 bonus pointsRaxus Duel MP Map
10 bonus pointsThule Moon Control MP Map
15 bonus pointsRhen Var MP Map
20 bonus pointsJedi Academy MP Map
25 bonus pointsUnit Viewer
30 bonus pointsMaking Of FMV
35 bonus pointsCD Player
40 bonus pointsSketchbook
45 bonus pointsYoda for Multiplayer


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