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Timesplitters 2
Unlock Cardboard Characters & Streets Level:
Beat the game on easy to unlock Cardboard Characters & Streets Level in arcade mode.

Unlock Rotating heads:
Get Silver on the Pane in the Neck challenge.

Unlock Hector Babasco and Lean Molly:
Get Gold on Adios Amigos.

Unlock Sewer Zombie:
Get Gold on Behead the Dead.

Unlock funny hats:
Get a silver or gold medal on the following levels to unlock slilly hats.

2280 Escape from NeotokyoBig Ears
1853 Silent But DeadlyViking
2019 Trouble At The DocksPirate

Unlock story mode characters:
Complete the level on medium difficulty to unlock the bonus character.

Return to Planet XOzor Mox
Wild WestThe Colonel
Aztec RuinsStone Golem
Atom SmasherKhallos
Space Station Reaper Splitter
Siberia Hybrid Mutant
Chicago Big Tony
Notre Dame Jacque de la Morte
Robot FactoryMachinist

Beating dangerous enemies:
Shoot them in the foot - they'll hop up and down, allowing you to nail 'em. Shoot them in the head if you can...but that's not always possible. Important with slow load weapons.
(supplied by: moocow)

Cardboard Cut out levels:
Street level Chicago - have to take different paths to get offered all the possible cutouts. Only way to get gold is to see them all.
Gallery level - I use the Tommy gun. Fire short bursts. You have to do it a few times to figure out who comes from where.
(supplied by: moocow)

Handyman level:
Only way to get gold is to keep getting to the downstairs part off the main double stairway and get the Tommy Gun X2. Sit in crouch with Tommy guns aimed at head level. If you get shot, there is a health off to your right.
(supplied by: moocow)

Hit me baby One Morgue Time:
Fairly tough level. Don't need to kill all the bad guys. Also, if you breeze through the level quickly, you face fewer bad guys.
(supplied by: moocow)

Kitten Celeste assault level:
Go out, grab the Soviet machine gun, go past the 2 autoguns and grenade the one facing you. Then go behind the crates and nail the first 2 guns you passed fromt he side, safe from the guns (not the bad guys). Go out the door - there's another assault gun - get behind it. Grenade the one around the corner. Shoot the gun you avoided from behind. Go around the corner, genade the gun on the ground, get the armor. Get behind the ceiling guns and waste them. Go upstairs and turn off the switch - you don't need to destroy anything or kill anyone. Make sure you have a Soviet gun with grenades. Go to the hangar, grenade the autogun near the jet and then the two barrels, then run and grenade the other barrel near the other jet. Again, you don't need to kill anyone in the hangar. Reach your objective! Should get you gold.
(supplied by: moocow)

Brick level challenge (the one in Siberia) with the grenades:
Run up the stairs towards the building with the radar. As you approach, grenade the lower level. go around the right side and grenade the windows near the stairs. Up stairs, grenade the door window. Drop down, and grenade the door window. Head to the left and grenade the door window of the little building, then go around to your right to the last building. You may need 2 grenades to break the windows in the last building. Should get you gold.
(supplied by: moocow)


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