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Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2
Command-Line Parameters
Start the game using any of the following command-line parameters to activate the corresponding cheat. You can do this by modifying the shortcut (icon) to your game.

Example: "C:\Program Files\Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2\NfsHS.exe" [parameter]

+ghostCar is Transparent to Others
+opentreeEnter Locked Events
+nofrustrationDisables Confirmations
+nomovieDisables Movie Demos
+nomusicDisables Music
+nosndDisable Sound FX
+noreverbDisable Reverb
+nofrontendNo Menu
+helicoptersOnlyCops Only Use Helicopters

Cheat Method
To purchase cars at a cheap price ($10 each), open up the cars.ini file in your CARS folder (from the main NFSHP2 game folder) using Notepad. Change the following lines:


The edit trick can be done to change the price of the tracks as well. Just open tracks.ini in the TRACKS folder and edit all lines starting with 'm_price'.

Example: m_price[0]=10

NOTE: Always make a backup before overwriting game files.


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