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Run Like Hell
Sony PlayStation 2
At the inventory screen, press L1 + L2 + L3 + R1 + R2 + R3 then enter one of the cheat codes.

Refill Health:
Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, X, Circle.

Refill Armor Energy:
Square, Circle, X, Triangle, Circle, Square, Triangle, X, L3, R3.

Max Rifle Damage:
L3, L3, L3, Square, Triangle, Circle, X, R3, R3, R3.

Max Pulse Rifle Damage:
Left, Right, Circle, Down, Left, X, Down, Up, X, Triangle.

Max Shotgun Damage:
X, X, X, X, L3, R3, Up, Down, Left, Right.

Max Repeater Rifle Damage:
Left, Triangle, Right, X, Up, Square, Down, Circle, R3, L3.

Max Assault Rifle Damage:
Left, Circle, Right, Square, Down, Triangle, Up, X, L3, R3.

Max Bolt Thrower Damage:
X, Square, Triangle, Circle, X, Circle, Triangle, Square, X, Up.

Play Credits:
X, Square, Triangle, Circle, Right, Up, Left, Up, X, Up.

Play Breaking Benjamin music video:
Left, Left, Left, Circle, Circle, X , L1, L1, R1, Up.

Storage Room B code:
The combination to Storage Room B is Square, Circle, Circle, Square, X.

Guard Door code:
The combination for the Guard Door on the deck after the Storage Room B code is Triangle, Square, X, Triangle, X.

First Brute code:
The combination to get past the first brute that's blocking the way is Triangle, Square, Circle, Square


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