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Quantum Redshift
Cheat menu:
Enter CHEAT as your profile name to unlock Cheat Codes in Options. Note: Codes are case sensitive.

Unlock All Characters:
Enter Nematode as a cheat code.

Unlimited Turbo:
Enter FishFace as a cheat code.

Infinite Shields:
Enter ThinkBat as a cheat code.

Unlock All Speeds:
Enter zoomZOOM as a cheat code.

Upgrade All Ships:
Enter RICEitup as a cheat code.

Unlock list:
Complete the following modes to unlock more modes and pilots:

Ka Hekili Master Mode w. all 7 pilots
Kutoo Master Mode w. Ka Hekili
Nemesis pilotsAmateur, Expert & Master Mode
Easter EggsExpert Mode w. nemesis pilots
Redshift ModeMasrter Mode w. every pilot


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