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Conflict: Desert Storm
Sony PlayStation 2
At the main menu, press Square, Square, Circle, Circle, L1, L1, R1, R1, L2, L2, R2, R2 to unlock to unlock Enemy Ai Toggle, Trooper Level & a Mission List.

Note! These codes require a USB keyboard.

Toggle Invincibility:
While playing, press K on the keyboard.

Debug info:
While playing, press L on the keyboard.

Reverse aiming:
While playing, press Y on the keyboard.

While playing, press X on the keyboard. Press Start to unpause.

Toggle menu:
While playing, press \ on the keyboard.

First level strategy:
First move up to the end of the cliff in the prone position then aim and shoot at the ground. This will make three guys come out. Shoot them and wait. After you wait 30 seconds then get up and go into the small house. Go to the table and you will find a medical kit. Cross the bridge go to the right WATCH OUT FOR TWO GUYS RUNNING. Get in prone position and wait for the two guys and shoot when they are visiable. Go down the hill and get out your bazooka and get into prone position, then shoot the tank, then change your gun to a hand gun, run into one of the houses and take cover and shoot whoever comes in.
(supplied by: rayjoe)


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