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Starfox Adventures
Getting Cheats:
Purchase tokens in the center of Thorntail for 20 scarabs. Now take the tokens to the maze guarded by the huge Stone Guard above the waterfall. Look for the well and throw the token in with the c stick. Go to the main menu and to options to see the cheat you unlocked.

To give yourself an added bonus to your mission status, collect golden CheatTokens. They are located in wells around the planet. One in each main area, like CapeClaw, or the ThornTail Shop. I've found three so far, but there are 20 total in the game.

1. Center of ThornTail Shop - Pay 20 - Credits
2. Behind BombSpore Patch in Ice Mountain - Pay 20 - Gives you Sound Test
3. ??? - Random Price(I got 30, then 40) - Predicts your ...Futer??? No questions asked...

Snowhorn Wastes:
Swim to the end of the river to find the well.

Moon Mountain Pass:
Plant a Moon Seed in front of the second Krazoa shrine.

Lightfoot Village:
Become a member of the Lightfoot tribe. When you run across a distressed mother who says her children are underground, help her out by finding them for her. Once you get them out of the underground, she'll help you find the well.

Cape Claw:
Use the Portal Device to take control of the cannon, shoot at the platforms near the starting point. Explore the holes you created to find the well.

Volcano Force Point:
Take Moon Seeds back to the Temple (after snagging the third Spell Stone). Drop down next to the second gate and plant the Moon Seed, and use it to get to the well.

Ocean Force Point:
Take the Portal Device to the temple (after getting the fourth Stone). Go past the elecrified floor to the portal door, through which you will find the well.

Cheats you can Earn:
Display End Credits : Shows end credits.
Music Test : Test music from the game.
Special Message : Tells about a enemy.
Set Language to Dinosaur : Make game language dinosaur.
Special Message : tells your future.
Sepia Mode : Black & White Mode.
Special Message : A voice from the past.
Special Message : Tells about the future.

Easy scarabs:
Go to the shop on dinosaur planet with the salesmen with no legs go to her games room bet 1 scarab win the game (you must win) then leave the room but instead of turning go straight through the wall in front of you the lift the rock with your staff and a few scarabs will appear collect them (worth 3 each)repeat this process until satisfied.

Get tricky to change a different color (shade):
Go to center of thorntail and buy a ball from the green lady thing who sells you stuff. then once you have bought the ball, play catch with tricky, with it , after a while you will see that its color has changed. (when i was playing it went from a pinkish color to a dark blue!!!)

Get to 24% finished:
Level 1: Use the ptranadon and shoot the shooting torches and light them up. Then shoot the rutter until it explodes a few times. Then light the torches again and they will explode. The ship will turn. Dodge the fireball and shoot the dinosaur like crazy.

Level 2: First talk to the bird in the cage twice. Then go through the doors he opens. Get the key and go to the bird again.

Level 3: Dodge the bad guys with Y. Open the gate with your key and grab the keg. go down and throw it at the crack in the wall. Go in and get the other keg and throw it to the boxes. Find the pad and take it past the fire and explode the door (it will work after 3 times). Sit the keg on the button and talk to the dinosaur. Go to the warp pad and do the challenge. Beat the bad guy with the keg.

Level 4: Get Krystal's staff by looking around. Lift rocks to get scarabs. Go in arena and fight the guys. Go through opened doors and get the upgradehanged. (when i was playing it went from a pinkish color to a dark blue!!!)

Fear Test:
I tried doing this test about a zillion times but couldn't get through more than around ten seconds of it, there was way too much stuff going on the screen distracting me. In the end I did it by covering up the TV screen with the back of my chair so that just the top of the screen showed and it was much easier to focus on the red line without the distractions.

Also, tapping the control stick makes it easier than pushing it left or right.
(supplied by: sdp)

How to defeat Anddross (Last boss):
When he is turned around with his Krazoa spirit shaped head you fire at his eyes and his forehead(blue spots) Then he will turn around revealing his ugly face.Fire at his hands on the blue part before he hits you.After you have done that he will exhale a pack of astriods and when he is done he will try to inhale your Arwing.The only way out is to barrel roll out as fast as you can push that R button out the side.(hold the anolog stick right or left) If you don't finish it correctly he will bite you a couple of times and later you will come out the otherside of his face(Krazoa shaped head)and you have to do all that all over again. After you succeed,he will turn around his head.He will shoot rockets at you to make it harder to shoot his blue spot.He will turn aruond and you shoot his hand again and he will shoot laser which makes it a lot harder.When you are done he will try to inhale you and you can't escape it.Then Falco will come and blast Anddross on the side to let you free.Anddross will exhale astriods and Falco will drop you some bombs.He will try to inhale you and you shoot the bomb into his mouth.His brain will show and you have time to shoot it with your laser.His face will return in an amount of will have to repeat that until he is destroyed.
(supplied by: Chienchang5)

Help Mother Thorntail:
In Thorntail Hollow when you need to help the Mother Thorntail by driving the egg thieves away, you can just hit the creatures one by one with your staff. However, it is much easier to fill up your energy bar and do ground quakes on them just as they are escaping with the eggs. You won't have time to refill your energy, so time your quakes wisely!
(supplied by: Hilary )

Shatter ice:
If you run out of blue grubtub fungus and there is none around AND you need to shatter ice, there is a way to force him to. Wap him with your staff and eventually, he will turn towards you and try to burn you because he's angry. Run out of the way just in time so Tricky burns the ice, not you. You probably will not get out of the way, but it'll only cost a little life.
(supplied by: Jim)

Tip for killing Andross:
Instead of firing into his mouth once and trying to shoot his brain with your laser, you should save 3 bombs that Falco drops and use the remaining two to fire his brain. He takes much more damage this way.
(supplied by: Hilary)


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