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Red Shark
Activate Console
Edit the GameSettings.script file in your install directory using Notepad. Replace the following line:

bool ConsoleEnabled = false;
bool ConsoleEnabled = true;

Cheat Codes
Press [F3] to activate the console once in the game, then type any of the following codes:

immortal = trueImmortality
god_mode = trueGod Mode
unlimited_ammo = trueUnlimited Ammo
fullammoFull Ammo
enabled_missions = trueUnlock All Missions

Alternate Codes

Cheat Codes
Use Notepad to edit the "GameSettings.script" file in InstallDir\ folder of the game:

set bool ConsoleEnabled = true

Then, in the game you'll be able to bring up the console and enter following cheats:

SetImmortalModeGod Mode
LoadFullAmmoFull Ammo
SetUnlimitedAmmoUnlimited Ammo


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