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Perfect Dark
Nintendo 64
13000+ perfect sim kills in 10 minutes:
Set as level: Facility (with the toilets in it).
Take 8 perfect sims, as many minutes as you want.
All weapons must be remote mines.
Start the game, make sure you start in the room with the toilets, if not keep retrying, when you are there block the second door to get out (in that little room) and throw mines all over that little room, when there are enough mines, get back into the toilet room and block the door to get in (so the sims cant get in) and wait for all the sims to be in that little room (7 is enough to, but 8 to be sure) Then detonate the mines and look what happens :) Beacuse those sims got mines, if they die those mines are gonna fall on the floor, so a continous bombing takes place and every sims that gets in there gets killed, and the kill number keeps rising. If you got all 8 of them you can get 13.000 kills in 10 minutes, imagine what it can be in 2 hours...just try it if you dont believe me, have fun.

Unlock Pugilist:
Complete dataDyne Research - Investigation on Perfect agent in under 6:30.
(supplied by: Andrew Guthrie)

Unlock Hotshot:
Complete Area 51 - Infiltration on Special Agent in under 5:00.
(supplied by: Andrew Guthrie)

Complete Attack Ship - Covert Assualt on Special Agent in under 5:17.
(supplied by: Andrew Guthrie)

Hit and Run:
Complete Carrington Villa - Hostage One on Special Agent in under 2:50.
(supplied by: Andrew Guthrie)

Unlock Maian SOS Level:
Complete all levels on Agent, Special Agent, or Perfect Agent.
(supplied by: Andrew Guthrie)

Unlock Mr. Blondes Revenge Level:
Complete all missions on Special Agent or Perfect Agent.
(supplied by: Andrew Guthrie)

Alternate beginning screen:
To alternate the beginning screen first just go to Combat Simulator for less than a second than press B and the screen in the background will be the same as the Combat Simulator screen.
(supplied by: Xsportskidd2348x)


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