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Smuggler's Run: Warzones
Infinite Countermeasures:
Pause the game, then press Y, Y, Y, X, X, Z, Z.

No Gravity:
Pause the game, then press X, Z, X, Z, Up, Up, Up.

Low Gravity:
Pause the game, then press Z, R, Z, R, Right, Right, Right.

Transparent car:
Pause the game, then press Left, Right, Left, Right, Z, Z, R.

Unlock list:
Complete the following Smuggler's Missions to ulock more cars, tracks and items.

Mission 2Super Buggy Boost
Mission 3Special Du Monde
Mission 4Baja Truck
Mission 5Du Monde Oil Slick
Mission 7Baja Truck Bombs
Mission 9Vietnam
Mission 10ATV Monster
Mission 11D-5 Hondo
Mission 14ATV Boost
Mission 15Hondo Oil Slick
Mission 18Sahara Special
Mission 20Sahara Smoke Screen
Mission 22Russian Winter
Mission 24Grenadier
Mission 25Grenadier Bombs
Mission 27Kavostov Halftrack
Mission 29Kavostov Smoke Screen
Mission 36Dual Career Countermeasures

Get the Hover Sled:
Beat each mission with a GREAT rating to unlock the Hover Sled.


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