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Sega Dreamcast
Complete the following levels in Mission mode to unlock the bonuses.

Level 3Advanced DifficultyPipe Bomb Launcher
Level 3 IntermediateDifficultyBonus level
Level 4Advanced DifficultyIcon Bomb
Level 5Advanced DifficultyProofer
Level 5Intermediate DifficultyScarpin
Level 7Advanced DifficultyBonus level
Level 8Advanced DifficultyDICW
Level 8Novice DifficultyCommander
Level 9Advanced DifficultyBonus level
Level 10Advanced DifficultyEnemy B.A.T. & D.K.
Level 11Advanced DifficultyPSG-1
Level 11Intermediate DifficultySiba character
Level 12Advanced DifficultyBonus level
Level 12Intermediate DifficultyUmp Machine Gun
Level 13Advanced DifficultySPAS12
Level 14Advanced DifficultyBonus level
Level 14Novice DifficultyShinobi
Level 15Novice DifficultyBonus level
Level 15Advanced DifficultyGuided Missile 2, Salamander & Dr. K


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