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Super Smash Brothers: Melee
Mini Bros match:
1.Set all the items off except Poisonous Mushroom and set at very high.
2.Choose mini mode,on special melee.
3.Now you can hardly tell who you are when you retrieve a poisonous Mushroom a match.

Get Rich Fast match:
1.Set all the Items off except the bunny ears and set at very high.
2.Set coins to 50.
3.Choose Lightning mode,onspecial melee.
4.First to get 50 coins win.

Suck em Dry match:
1.Set all items off.
2.Set coins to ten.
3.Choose tournament melee.
4.You and your friends must choose Kirby.
5.You are only allowed to use the vaccume special move. (Remember cheaters are never winners)
6.First to get 10 coins wins.

Sword Fight match:
1.Set all items off.
2.Choose single-button mode,on special melee.
3.You and your friends must choose either Marth,Roy,Link,or Young Link.
4.Man with most kills wins.

Western match:
1.Set all items off except shooting items.
2.Choose Tournament Melee.
3.You and your friends must be either Samus,Falco,Fox,link,Young Link.
4.Choose Hyrule Temple Stage.
5.Use your projectile special moves or the shooting items.
6.Gun the crap out of each other.

Tag match:
1.Set all Items off,except mushroom,set on very high.
2.Set time to none.
3.Make two teams 2 vs 2.(choose the same color,look in the manual if you have have no idea of what im talking about.
4.Choose any character except falcoand fox.
5.Choose Kongo Jungle Stage.
6.1 player of each team fight on the center stage at the bottom.
7.The other players stay on the 2 platforms,one on the left,and one on the right.
8.The players fighting can tag their teammates in by jumping to the platform their teammate is standing on.
9.Players are only to fight on the center stage at the bottom.
10.Players on the platforms cannot interfere in the fight unless tagged in.
11.Players on the platforms cannot fight each other.

I hope I have helped all you other Smash Bros freaks to enjoy vs modes even more. Shame on people who in the future will say these ideas are his/hers.Thank you anyway,you might hear me soon with sumnew ideas....BYE

P.s If you have any other ideas on custom vs matches, e-mail me-Filfy-fili_77


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