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Sony PlayStation 2
Cheat Codes:
To enter the cheatcodes, spell them out by pressing the trigger button on your gun at the title screen. Press the trigger the same amount of time as the letter comes in the alphabet. Example: For A, press 1 time. For B, press two times. For C, press three times. Press Reload to move to the next letter in the code.

MEBIGCHEATUnlock Everything.
LETSBOOGIEUnlock the Jukebox and Music.
BLAMUnlock Arcade Mode
ABROADUnlock Country Challenges
MIGHTIERUnlock all Mighty Joe Jupiter Mini-Games

Extra optionsBeat the game to unlock Arcade & Mirror mode.
Machine GunBeat Arcade Mode using the pistol.
Cane GunBeat Arcade Mode using the Machine Gun.
ShotgunBeat Arcade Mode using the Cane Gun.
Hyper Arcade ModeBeat Arcade Mode using the Shotgun.
Mighty Joe Jupiter TrilogyBeat all Mighty levels in Cadet Training.
Unlock Music JukeboxBeat all three Mighty Joe Jupiter episodes.


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