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Legends of Wrestling
All Wrestlers:
At the main menu, press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Y, Y, X.

Capt. Lou AlbanoBeat Career Mode with a Hated wrestler.
Dory FunkBeat Career Mode with Terry Funk
SabuBeat Career Mode with The Sheik
Ivan KoloffBeat the Versus Tournament
Jimmy HartBeat Career Mode with a Loved wrestler
King Kong BundyBeat Career Mode in the Southeast Territory
Mr. FujiWin the Tag Belts in Tournament Mode
Ricky MortonBeat the Tag Tournament
Robert GibsonBeat the Tag Tournament
Michael Von ErichBeat Career Mode with David Von Erich
Fritz Von ErichBeat Career Mode with Kerry Von Erich
David Von ErichBeat Career Mode with Kevin Von Erich

Bonus Arenas:
Beat the game in career mode to unlock four more exhibition mode arenas.

Bonus Outfits:
If you want to change the wrestlers costume when your playing exibition than press Y and the wrestlers costume will change.
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