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Blood Omen 2
Start with the Soul Reaver and Iron Armor:
At the main menu, press White, Black, L, R, X, B, Y.

Defeat Mangus (8TH level boss):
Mangus is really easy to beat because you never have to actually hit him (dont waste your time trying because you free him at the end. When you hit him it does take away his life but when his life is gone he will still be standing!) Anyway this is how you do it. At first he will be standing on a big thingy surrounded by water. Now use your telekincsis thing to knock him off. When he jumps up to the thingy again he will try to burn you go bhind one of those statues he will burn the statue not you do this like 4-5 times.he will run away to another place. Now jump down (its better to go down silently). You will see a couple statues of guys holding axes upside down stand in front of one( make mangus notice you) mangus will charge at you with a red glow(unblockable)dodge this and he will brake the statue do that to all the statues go on top of platform wait there for like 45 seconds mangus will give up trying to get you go off of the platform mangus will not see you.

In the statues that you broke you will see that green X thingy on all the statues that you made mangus brake. Use your telekincsis thing to actvate all the green X's a gaint statue (as you can see statues really help in this level.HA HA HA.)will be bult again.Now you will notice all the statues parts are on the platform that mangus could not hurt you on. Except the cane. Make mangus charge at the cane he will brake it. Then make him charge at the platform one more time and he is finished!
(supplied by: coolskin94)


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