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ESPN International Winter Sports 2002
Unlock costumes:
Win all gold medals in the following modes. Then Press L or R at the character selection to get the costumes. You cant win any medals or set any records when using any of these costumes.

Robot costumeMen's and women's events in Trial mode.
Bear costumeMen's events in Championship mode.
Penguin costumeWomen's events in Championship mode.

S-Robot costume:
There is another costume after the robot, bear, and penguin. It is called the "s-robot", and is obtained by obtaining all world records in men's and women's events in trial mode. It will max out all the chosen characters' skills if used (note that the normal robot just slightly increases all skills, the bear increases the jump slightly and the power and speed by 3 bars, and the penguin increases the jump slightly and the quickness and the last one by 3 bars).
(supplied by: Spaz)


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