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Harry Potter & The Sorcerer's Stone
DVD Video
Bonus Deleted Scenes
Insert disc two and select Diagon Alley (Hedwig). Put the selector on Gringotts, then press [Down] selecting the key. Press [Enter] to get to the Gringotts area then select the Galleon, Sickle, Knut and then [Enter]. Now, you should be back at the main page for Diagon Alley. Go to Ollivander's and selecting your wand. Go back to the main screen, select the wand and press [Enter], which will get you to the classrooms. Select Transfiguration (the cat), then press [Down] to select the owls on the torch, then press [Up] to select the H on a Shield. Press [Enter]. At Fluffy, select the Flute and press [Enter]. At the Keys, select the silver one in the middle with a bent wing (its the only one that is completely over the door in the background). At the bottles, select the round one with the yellow liquid. Select the Red stone in the mirror to get to the bonus scenes:

Scene 1 - Smeltings Uniform
Scene 2 - Letters in Eggs
Scene 3 - Hagrid and Harry on the Underground
Scene 4 - Harry and Ron befriend Hermione
Scene 5 - More Christmas
Scene 6 - Dumbledore's Card and Neville's Legbinding
Scene 7 - Extended Potions Class

Bernie Bott's Every Flavored Beans
At the [Main Menu] of Disc 1, press your control to the [Right] and click on the White Owl.

On disc 2, go into [Gringotts]. While on the main screen hit [Down] until you highlight the box of Bernie Botts Everyflavord Beans, and click. They you can highlight four different beans, and they'll tell you their flavor.

House Points Counting Machine
On disc 2, take the [Tour of Hogwart's]. When you get to the dining hall, proceed until you get to the Teacher's Table. You will be presented with the option of [Left], [Up] or [Right]. Choose [DOWN] instead. You will see a machine "sparkle" to the right of the table. Press [Enter].

Hidden Dragon Sequence
Click on the Hogwarts Grounds or the cat. Click on Fang (the giant dog). You are now automatically in Hagrid's hut. If you go to his fireplace and click on the egg, a special scene about dragons will appear.


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