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All-Star Baseball 2003
Sony PlayStation 2
Cheat menu:
At the controller selection screen, press L to activate bought cheats.

Easy points:
To get easy points for cards all you do is get 2 ps2 controllers. Plug them both in and play a game. Put 1 controller to 1 team and the other controller to the other team. Just go 2 game controles and change the pitcher on the other teams to defense cpu. Now just go and strikeout everybatter for a perfect game. You will get at least 80 packs for everything you do wheather it be hits or k's.

Homerun replays/taunts:
When you hit a homerun, as soon as you see the batter going home from 3rd, start pressing various buttons for either a replay or a taunt. Taunts can include a gator chop to just a simple clap. It may also be jumping on home or slappin' high fives with your teammates at home.


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